Can you Imagine Cutting Your Heating Bill in Half or More?

Can you Imagine Cutting Your Heating Bill in Half or More?

Did you know the most cost effective heating source for our local area may be heat pumps?

Why Heat Pumps are the Most Effective Heating Source

The average fuel costs, per million BTU’s (British Thermal Units) of energy, are as follows: propane $32.00/ oil $30.00/ electric furnace $20.00 and a high efficient heat pump $9. Electricity’s efficiency can be rated by its COP (co-efficient of performance) and an electric furnace has a COP of 1. That means that for every dollar spent on the electricity for the furnace’s operation, one dollar’s worth of heat is produced.

Modern, high-efficient heat pumps on the other hand, can have COPs that reach as high as 4, meaning for each dollar spent, $4.00 worth of energy is received. The COP of a heat pump is calculated using a variety of factors including the combination of the heat pump and air handler, the outside temperature fluctuations and intelligent thermostat usage, etc. In our local area, the yearly cost of operating an electric furnace can be reduced by as little as 30% and as much as 65% with the addition of a heat pump, depending on the efficiency of the units themselves and the way a homeowner uses his system.

Central Electric Co-operative and the State of Oregon have a combination of cash discounts and Tax Credits for homeowners who choose to qualify for their programs. They include duct testing and sealing, high efficiency heat pumps and the commissioning of the systems to verify their operational efficiencies. In addition to this, the 2009 Federal Stimulus Package allows homeowners to claim tax credits equal to 30% of the installed costs (up to $1,500). Ponderosa Heating is one of the few heating contractors trained and certified in the CEC and State programs.

It is not hard to see that if you can dramatically cut the cost of heating with electricity by adding a heat pump, the savings in cost of electricity will pay for the original investment and be a great Green investment for years to come, and don’t forget, with a heat pump you also get air conditioning!

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