Why Buy Humidifiers for Your Home?
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Why Buy Humidifiers for Your Home?

Did you know that dry air causes breathing problems? When excessively dry air is present inside homes, it can lead to irritation in the lungs, thus causing a sore or scratchy throat, itchy skin, respiratory issues and nose bleeds! Dry air can also affect any furniture made with wood and flooring too.

What is the solution?

It is important to control the level of moisture in the air you breathe especially during winters when the humidity in the air is quite low as it is. Dry air can cause sinus issues and dry skin. Too much humidity can cause more viruses to linger. Installing humidifiers in your home will help diminish the bad pollutants and improve air quality.
In addition to the air you breathe, controlling the humidity in your home will also help prevent woodwork, such as floors, doors, cabinets and window frames from shrinking and will help extend the life expectancy of your woodwork.

One of our trained professionals can let you know what the best humidifier solution will be for your needs.

How does it work?

All humidifiers are basically appliances that create moisture and transfer that moisture to the air. They may use any of several technologies to accomplish this feat. Central evaporative humidifiers are made to be attached to the home heating system. They can output up to 25 gallons per day. High-capacity models are fan powered; other types don’t require a motor. All humidifier installations are hooked up to your house’s plumbing so manual filling isn’t needed. Humidifiers regulate the different degrees of the air’s relative humidity, which in turn impacts level of comfort in your home.

There’s lots of humidifier options available. Contact us at (541)-549-1605 or fill out our contact form if you would like to schedule a free in-home consultation or more information on the humidifier benefits and installation.

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