What are the Benefits of a Smart Thermostat?
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What are the Benefits of a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are all the rage nowadays, but are they really worth the money? While some smart home tech is simply for show, smart thermostats are a worthwhile investment that can help you save money and give you more control over your home.

Read on to learn about some of the many benefits of a smart thermostat to determine whether you should make the switch!

Say Goodbye to Endless Cycling

There are many possibilities as to why your air conditioner won’t stop running, and sometimes, a poorly calibrated thermostat is to blame. Older, traditional models can become out-of-sync over time, and you may find that even frequent manual adjustments don’t seem to stop your HVAC system from continually cycling on and off.

Smart thermostats are designed to be both intuitive and energy-efficient. They learn from your own behaviors and temperature preferences, adapting their cycling to your lifestyle.

Not only do smart thermostats regulate the temperature throughout the day, but they also transition your home’s climate with ease. Rather than leaving your AC on all day just to prevent your home from feeling like a sauna when you return, tell a smart thermostat when you’ll be back, and it will kick on the AC shortly before you arrive.

Change the Temperature Even When You’re Away from Home

You can adjust the temperature at any time while you’re away through a mobile app on your smartphone, or similar device. Many smart thermostats have alerts that will tell you when your system shuts on/off or there are changes in temperature that deviate from your preferred standard.

A smart sensor that connects to your HVAC system delivers signals to the thermostat, which transmits them to an app for you to read. Whether you’re returning home from vacation and want to cool the house down, or just want to turn on the heat without getting out of bed, smart thermostats give you full control.

Easy for Anyone to Use

There are two types of smart thermostats on the market: automatic (called "learning”) and programmable. Automatic thermostats "learn" your preferences and patterns on their own and adjust accordingly over time. Manual smart thermostats are still intuitive, but they rely more on remote programming through WiFi on your smartphone or computer.

Both models are straightforward to use, and you’ll find the most satisfaction by choosing one that falls in the middle of the spectrum. Even if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, smart thermostats aren’t difficult to understand or program. You won’t have to learn any special code to make them work. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions that come with the thermostat.

When a professional installs your smart thermostat, they can walk you through the entire process, so you’re 100-percent comfortable with the controls.

Track Your Energy Consumption

Many new smart thermostat models have phone and email alerts that tell you when your home’s temperature fluctuates beyond your preferred range. There may be a power outage or other problem that throws your system out of whack or disconnects your thermostat; real-time notifications help you spot the first signs of trouble and quickly find a solution.

Nest, being one of the most popular smart thermostat brands, features monthly reports that help you understand how much energy you’re using. This can work wonders when you’re trying to cut down on consumption and save money or simply just lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Program Different Temperatures for Separate Rooms

A smart thermostat with room sensors can be programmed to keep a room a specific temperature at different types of day. Maybe you find that your bedroom gets stuffy at night, or the baby’s room is always a bit too cold in the mornings. Perhaps you prefer your living room to be extra toasty while the rest of the house is more neutral.

Whatever you like, smart thermostats make it possible to live as comfortably as possible anytime, anywhere.

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