The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Home Comfortable this Summer
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The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Home Comfortable this Summer

Ah, what’s better than the summertime? Between trips to the pool, barbeques, and local outdoor events, it’s truly one of the more lively seasons throughout the year! Of course, when there’s a surplus of good, there’s usually some bad — and that negative factor happens to be the soaring temperatures. While it may not get as hot as a desert, that summer heat can take a toll on your comfort, especially when you’re indoors. So, in an effort to help defeat the indoor heat, here are some ways to keep your living space as comfortable as possible:

Upgrade your Old Thermostat

How old would you say your thermostat is? For some homeowners, they might know the answer as soon as they’re asked that question — but for others, the age of this device might be a complete mystery, and that’s perfectly okay. Nowadays, it’s wise to look into a smart thermostat and say “farewell” to your current device. Unlike a traditional thermostat, a learning thermostat (another name for this technological advancement) will efficiently cool your home all summer long.

The reason why a smart thermostat is as home-comfort essential is that the temperature can be adjusted from any location, as long as you have your smartphone in hand. For instance, if you’re on vacation and realized that you forgot to turn off your air conditioner, you can make the adjustment (with the utmost ease) in the palm of your hand. In the coming months, you may even see an improvement in your energy bills and the overall well-being of your HVAC system!

Have a Professional Duct Cleaning

When was the last time the air ducts in your home were cleaned by a professional? If the answer to that question doesn’t come to mind, then it’s time to pick up that phone and make an appointment! Duct cleanings are far from a gimmick — they help your AC work more efficiently and improve your indoor air quality as a whole! Unlike cleaning the air vent covers in your home, which are just the surface of your ducts, a duct cleaning will help rid of any debris that is lingering around in the depths of your ductwork.

When your HVAC unit’s ducts are bogged down, your unit has to work much harder than it should, which will increase your energy bills, gradually. Furthermore, a duct cleaning will help increase airflow, since any lingering debris won’t get in the way and cause an uneven distribution.

Look Into a Ductless Split System

Do you have a room in your home that just won’t get cool enough? The best solution to the problem at hand, especially on a hot summer’s day, is to have a ductless split system installed. Unlike a traditional central cooling system, a ductless lives up to its name: no ductwork needs to be installed. Making a perfect solution to new construction, such as a sunroom or a refinished basement. And just like a central AC, any room that this unit is installed in will be cooled in the most energy-efficient way possible.

In addition to being energy-efficient, a ductless split system is quiet when turned on and doesn’t have a bulky appearance. You’d be amazed how easy it is for a ductless system to be installed and how much of a difference it will make when the temperatures climb outdoors.

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

Just like regularly updating a smartphone’s software, it’s essential to make sure that your air conditioner’s “software” is updated and maintained, too. Sometimes, a central air conditioner could run into a problem that will go under the radar for quite some time — and that can lead to a hot, humid house during the summer.

Even if you feel that your unit is functioning correctly, it’s essential to have a professional to take a look at it at least once a year. A technician will examine everything (outdoors and indoors), making sure that not only will your unit keep you cool, but that your unit will work efficiently — and any potential issues will be taken care of before a problem arises.

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