What Spring Means for Your Indoor Air Quality - Handling Humidity in Home
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What Spring Means for Your Indoor Air Quality

Spring’s Effect on Your Indoor Air Quality

Now that spring is here, there are a few things you can expect to experience: warmer weather, longer days, and tons of airborne allergens. Whether it’s pollen flying off newly-blooming flowers or pet dander that makes it way all over your home as your furry friend sheds his winter coat, there’s bound to be something that is going to tickle your sinuses.

While many of us probably only think of how spring is going to cause allergy flare-ups, you should also consider how the nicer weather will affect the air quality in your home. It’s important to consider spring’s impact on your air in order to take the proper measures to combat any negative effects.

Allergies Inside and Outside Your Home

First and foremost, spring is notorious for bringing about a surplus of irritating allergens, both inside and outside of your home.

Inside Your Home

Allergens inside of your home typically tend to be caused by dust, pet dander, and the occasional air freshener that you may spray to add your favorite scent to a room. To control the amount of these allergens that remain in your home, it’s important to:

  • Vacuum and dust regularly

  • Use tools that trap dust and allergens

  • Opt for essential oils over artificial air fresheners to add fragrance to your home

  • Groom your pets often to reduce dander and shedding

Outside Your Home

While it’d be nice for outdoor allergens, such as pollen and dirt, to remain outside your home, that often isn’t the case. It’s very easy to track these irritants inside your home, but you can avoid this by:

  • Leaving your outdoor clothing and shoes by the door or in a mudroom

  • Washing your clothes often to get rid of stuck-on pollen

Air Purifiers Can Help

If allergens really begin to create a problem in your home, it may be wise to invest in a whole-home air purifier. These devices can pull a large majority of pollen, dirt, dander, and even germs and other bacteria out of your home’s air so you and your family can breathe easier.

Increased Humidity

We’ve all heard the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” While many of us likely love the pretty blooms all the springtime weather brings, not everyone loves the increased humidity levels that also come with them.

The moisture that lingers from springtime rainfall can quickly make its way into your home and cause a number of issues.

Uncomfortable Atmosphere

First off, higher humidity levels can make your home’s air feel sticky and uncomfortable — sometimes even making it a bit difficult to breathe.

Harming Your Home

More moisture in the air can take a toll on your home itself, causing wallpaper to peel or hardwood floors to warp. It can also damage electronic devices that are susceptible to water damage.

Mold Growth

Increased humidity can also lead to mold growth, especially areas that may be a bit more humid to begin with, such as bathrooms or your basement. Since mold is not only unsightly but also dangerous to your health, it’s particularly important to get your home’s humidity levels under control to keep your family safe.

Handling Humidity in Your Home

While your central AC has the ability to regulate the humidity levels in your home to a certain degree, if you’re noticing the harmful effects of increased moisture levels, you should consider adding a whole-home dehumidifier to your home’s HVAC system.

These high-powered devices can regulate the moisture levels in your entire home, giving you peace of mind and increased comfort.

Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality with Ponderosa Heating & Cooling

We are here to help you improve your air quality without breaking the bank or stressing you out. Our Bend indoor air quality technicians deliver customized service just to your liking, whether you decide on a humidifier, filtration system, or another option.

To learn more about your options or schedule a service, feel free to send us your information using a free online contact form.

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