How to Keep Your Home as Cozy as Can Be
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How to Keep Your Home as Cozy as Can Be

Let’s cut to the chase: winter can be a rather startling time for many homeowners. Unlike waking up in the morning to sunshine, warmth, and blue skies, winter months tend to provide overcast, frost-bitten lawns and frigid temperatures that make wearing anything other than bulky winter gear seem unacceptable.

When you’re not bracing the cold outside of your humble abode, here are some ways to ensure that your living space is as cozy as can be all season long!

Tips for Keeping Your Home Cozy During Winter

Rugs are Useful

If your home has hardwood or tile floors, you’ll know that they can be rather uncomfortable during those frigid winter days — especially if you’re walking barefoot. To help combat this, consider placing area rugs around the more high-traffic areas of your home. Not only will this add an extra layer of design, but it will also help add another layer of comfort.

Close Cooling Vents

If you have a central air conditioning system in your home, and it tends to emit drafts during the wintertime, consider closing the vents. As simple as flicking a switch, locate each cooling vent in your home and carefully switch the lever to the closed position. Consider having the ductwork resealed for an extra layer of warmth, followed by having your attic insulated.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

Consider this a friendly reminder: You must replace your furnace filter approximately every 90 days. Doing so will help your heating system run much more efficiently. Additionally, it will help maintain your unit’s longevity — keeping it around for an adequate period.

As it turns out, your furnace filter acts as a deflector against airborne contaminants that can not only be spread throughout your home but can also hinder the unit’s performance. To help stay in the clear, consider writing a list to keep track of when the filter was last replaced and when a new one will need to be installed.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Did you schedule your furnace maintenance appointment this year? Just like seeing your doctor annually for a physical examination, the same rule should apply to your furnace (as well as your central cooling system). Doing so will help keep the unit running up to par and help catch any discrepancies that might be lingering within.

Seal All Drafts Around Your Home

Believe it or not, many drafts circulate throughout your home. Whether it be the front door or a withered window near the kitchen sink, no crevice should be overlooked when it comes to keeping your home cozy.

A door snake is an excellent way to block out a draft from underneath a door, for starters. As for ailing windows, besides replacing them, consider sealing them with plastic wrap — an easy DIY kit can be found at your local home improvement store.

Dress in Layers

While it wouldn’t be ideal to be dressed in your “snow shoveling outfit” inside your home, consider dressing in layers to help stay cozy. From wool socks to a cozy, oversized sweater, rock your favorite indoor winter gear to help keep comfortable and warm.

Also, consider: Wearing a wool hat — since your head is one of the main parts of the body that helps regulate temperature.

Let the Steam Travel

One of the best ways to get warm in a flash is to take a hot shower — however, while you’re taking it, consider leaving the door open on a crack. Why might you ask? It’s simple: to help let the steam from the shower travel throughout your home. While the steam won’t travel very far or visit every single room, you will notice a bit of a warmer, comfortable difference in the areas that it can reach.

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