How to Relight a Pilot Light on a Gas Furnace in 6 Steps
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How to Relight a Pilot Light on a Furnace in 6 Steps

The pilot light on your furnace is an important aspect of your heating system. If the flame goes out, your furnace will be unable to create the warmth needed to heat your home. Luckily, most homeowners are capable of relighting it on their own. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to safely relight your furnace’s pilot light.

Warning! If you smell gas or suspect you have a gas leak, turn off the furnace and leave your home as soon as possible. It is dangerous to relight your pilot light when there is natural gas in the air.

How to Light a Gas Pilot Light

  1. Reference Your Furnace’s Instruction Manual

Your manual will give you the most accurate information about your specific furnace model. However, it’s still possible to relight your pilot without one.

  1. Turn Your Furnace Off

Turn the knob on your furnace to “OFF.” This will stop the flow of gas into the room.

  1. Wait 5 Minutes

Wait at least 5 minutes to allow any remaining gas in the air to dissipate. This step is extremely important to prevent the risk of fire.

  1. Turn the Knob to Pilot

Turn the knob from “OFF” to “PILOT”

  1. Relight the Pilot

Hold down the reset button and relight the pilot at the same time. To safely do this, you’ll need to use a long-stemmed lighter and hold the end of it very close to the pilot. Once the flame catches, release the reset button.

  1. Watch for Problems

Watch the pilot light on your furnace for a few minutes to ensure it stays lit. It’s possible that the gas pilot light went out originally because your furnace has an issue that needs to be repaired. If the pilot goes out again, turn off your furnace and call a trusted HVAC company for assistance.

Gas Furnace Repairs in Bend, OR

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