How to Keep a Room Cool That Faces the Sun
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How to Keep a Room Cool That Faces the Sun

When summer is in full swing, your home can quickly start to feel like a sauna. While running your air conditioner may seem like a simple fix, cranking up the thermostat can quickly put a strain on your air conditioner. Doing so may also start to increase your energy bills—especially if you have an older cooling system.

To help you stay cool this summer, we’ve compiled several helpful tips you can use to keep sunny rooms cool.

  1. Keep Curtains Closed

During the hottest days of the year, ensure your drapes or curtains are closed. Blocking the sun out will help your central air conditioner run much more efficiently since it won’t have to work against the warmth from the sunlight streaming in.

If your home has blinds instead of curtains, tilt them up so that the rounded sides face outside. This will help reflect the sun’s rays, keeping them out of your home.

  1. Apply Heat Control Film

Heat control window films are the next best way to keep excess sunlight out without closing your curtains. These films filter out harmful UV rays and reduce the overall glare. In turn, the room will feel much cooler and your furniture will resist fading.

  1. Increase Air Circulation

While air circulation won’t necessarily lower the temperature, ventilation can help the room feel cooler. Using a combination of open windows, box fans and ceiling fans is the best way to keep air flowing through the room.

  1. Grow Shady Plants

While growing outdoor plants isn’t a quick fix, it can help you dramatically reduce your energy bills over time. To create more shade cover, consider growing leafy trees, bushes, or hedges in strategic areas outside your home. You can also hang potted plants near your windows to block out some of the sun’s rays.

  1. Dehumidify

If you’ve ever gone without air conditioning on a muggy summer day, you know that humidity can make things feel even hotter. If your air conditioner isn’t equipped with a built-in dehumidifier, adding a stand-alone dehumidifier can dramatically reduce the amount of moisture in the air, in turn helping your home feel cooler. For a quick fix, run the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom to help keep humidity levels in check.

  1. Use Large Appliances Wisely

Using large appliances, like your dishwasher or oven, can quickly increase the temperature in your home, especially during the summer months. To combat the added heat, try restricting your appliance use to the early morning and evening hours.

  1. Replace Old Windows

If your windows are old, drafty, or improperly sealed, they may be making it harder for your air conditioner to cool your home. Investing in new, energy-efficient windows is a great way to keep your home cool while reducing your energy bills.

  1. Add Awnings

Adding outdoor awnings above windows and doors is a great way to create more shade inside your home. Awnings make the most sense for the south and west-facing sides of your house since these areas typically receive the most direct sunlight.

  1. Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

Scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance is the easiest way to keep your HVAC system running smoothly throughout the summer. Most HVAC technicians recommend you schedule AC maintenance at least once a year, typically during late spring or early summer. Doing so, will reduce your energy bills, extend the life of your unit, and improve the efficiency of your cooling system!

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