How to Keep Cold Air Out of the House
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Ways to Keep Cold Air Out of the House

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Avoid Heat Loss in A House with These Tips

Heat loss is an issue all homeowners try to avoid during the wintertime. Not only does a drafty home lead to higher heating bills, it can also put more pressure on your heating system and reduce yours and your family’s comfort. Fortunately, there are several ways to help reduce the amount of heat that escapes your home in the winter, and the amount of cold air that seeps in.

5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Escaping Heat

If you notice your heating bills rise once the temperatures drop outdoors, this isn’t a reason for concern. However, if the cold temperatures remain fairly constant, but your heating bills keep slowly rising over the season, you may want to consider following some of the following tips.

Continue reading to learn some ways to keep your home warmer this winter.

Insulate Drafty Windows

If you are wondering how to prevent cold air from coming through the windows, you can opt for several solutions. Using weatherstrips to stop heat from escaping, investing in new, insulated windows that are designed to maintain indoor temps, lining window sills with caulk, foam tape, bubble wrap, draft stoppers, and investing in thermal curtains are all methods that will help reduce heat loss in your home.

Insulate Doors & Keep Them Closed

It’s important to insulate doorways with draft stoppers, thick rugs, and thermal doorway curtains. Additionally, avoiding letting your home fill with cold air from doorways can be done by simply keeping them shut as often as possible.

Find Out if Your Furnace is Struggling to Keep Your House Warm

If your furnace is struggling to keep up with your comfort needs, the issue may not be a matter of insulation, but instead you might need a furnace inspection. If and when you need reliable furnace services in Sisters, OR, contact Ponderosa Heating & Cooling for trusted HVAC repairs and inspections.

Insulate Your Home Structure

Insulating the structure of your home is a great way to save money on energy bills. Empty spaces between walls and below flooring can easily allow warm air to seep out of your living space, and insulating them can do wonders for preserving heat.

Address Chimney Problems

Chimneys are a common source of heat loss in any building. If you don’t use your chimney, consider having it professionally sealed to prevent this issue. If you use your chimney regularly or even occasionally, you may want to invest in an adjustable damper or removeable chimney balloon to prevent heat loss between uses.

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For more information on keeping your home warm all winter long and increasing your energy savings, contact Ponderosa Heating & Cooling to schedule a service call with our heating professionals. From how to keep the heat out of the windows and inside the home, to investing in energy efficient HVAC improvements, Ponderosa Heating & Cooling offers superior services you can rely on.

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