Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home
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Causes of Low Water Pressure – A Common Plumbing Concern

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Plumbing issues are some of the most common and frustrating problems you can encounter as a homeowner. Not only can clogged pipes and plumbing leaks upset your daily life, they can also cause serious damage to your home and cost a lot of money to fix. One of the most common plumbing concerns homeowners face is low water pressure.

If water pressure is low in a house, many people choose to ignore the issue until a larger plumbing problem arises. However, low water pressure in your home can disrupt your comfort and everyday routine, which is reason enough to address it. It may also be a sign of a more significant plumbing issue that requires attention.

If you’re interested in learning about what causes low water pressure, continue reading, as we’ll discuss some reasons behind this common household plumbing problem.

Causes of Low Water Pressure in the House

If you have to deal with low water pressure in your home on a daily basis, the source of the issue might be listed below. Some common causes of low water pressure include:

  • Clogged water pipes or debris build-up
  • Corroded pipes
  • Partially closed water meter valve
  • Partially closed water shutoff valve
  • Water pressure regulator is broken or in need of adjustment
  • Leak in the pipes
  • Your water supplier is having water pressure issues

The best way to determine the source of low water pressure in your plumbing system is to contact a reputable plumber. For quality plumbing in Bend, Oregon, including diagnostics and plumbing inspections, reach out to Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical today.

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