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Do you need your air conditioner replaced? As air conditioners age, they become less and less reliable, and as they do, they start to break down more, cost more to run, and cause way more stress on your day to day life. When you need reliable AC installation or air conditioner replacement services in Bend and throughout Central Oregon, trust the highly trained team at Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical! We have always tried to set ourselves apart from the rest by offering air conditioning installation services that exceed even your loftiest expectations, and we’re never satisfied until we’ve obtained your total and complete satisfaction.

Here at Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, our AC professionals understand how important a properly-working AC system is for your comfort, which is why we respond quickly to all service requests. We offer emergency repairs, fast installations, and can work with systems of all different ages, shapes, and sizes. We install all makes and models, offering top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer care with every air conditioning service we provide.

How Do You Know What Type of AC Unit to Get?

Buying a new air conditioner is an investment in your home and your comfort for the immediate future. It is important to take certain key factors into consideration before you make this type of purchase.

Here are some major factors to consider before deciding on your new AC unit:

  • How big is your home? You want to make sure your new unit is not too small or too large to accommodate your house’s cooling needs. Additionally, it needs to be installed in just the right spot to ensure efficiency.
  • What type of house are you in? Whether you need a new air conditioner for a two-story home, a mobile home, or a condo, we can help you find the right product. Each of these spaces is very different in size and may require a very specific type of unit.
  • What is your budget? We can work with you to find the right unit that fits your home and your financial situation. Additionally, we can work with you to provide financing options so that you can get the right unit you need when you need it.

The Importance of Professional AC Installation

Air conditioner installation isn’t a job that the average person has the skill or the ability to successfully do themselves. Air conditioners are incredibly complex pieces of machinery, and it’s important to allow a professional with extensive training and knowledge in these systems handle the job for you. Proper installation can save you time, money, and eliminate much of the stress that comes from not having air conditioning, while also ensuring that you won’t accidentally break your new system or make things worse with an installation mistake.

Improper installation can lead to:

  • Unexpected breakdowns
  • Decreased efficiency
  • A shorter system lifespan

Budgeting for AC Replacement

Replacing an air conditioner is an unexpected expense for many people—most homeowners simply don’t plan for replacing their air conditioner simply because they don’t know how long it will be until they have to. However, a new air conditioner is a big investment, and that means it will take some budgetary planning to prepare for.

Our AC replacement technicians can help you choose the right AC for your budget based on these considerations:

  • How large of an AC do you need? We’ll perform a load calculation to size a unit for your home. An AC that is too large won’t run a full cycle and will constantly turn on and off, costing you extra money. An AC that is too small doesn’t have adequate power to cool your home properly and will constantly run, again costing you extra money. We can help you determine which size will work the most efficiently for your home’s square footage.
  • The condition of your air ducts. If your air ducts are damaged or have gaps, they will allow cooled air to escape before it reaches your rooms. This means that your home won’t cool as effectively and that your AC will use more energy for less home comfort. You may need to factor duct sealing into your overall air conditioner installation budget.
  • Operating efficiency. When determining how much you want to spend on a new air conditioner, think about energy efficiency. ACs with high SEER values are more energy efficient and cost more up-front, but your lifetime cost of ownership will be lower because they use less energy. Consider how much you’re spending currently on your home energy bill when making a decision.

If you need a new air conditioner but don’t think you can afford it, think again! We’re proud to offer financing options for customers who qualify, meaning you can get your new system installed at a monthly cost that doesn’t ruin your budget.

Learn more about our Central Oregon AC installation services by contacting Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical online today.

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