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Protecting Your Central Oregon
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Indoor Air Quality Services in Bend, OR

Protecting Your Central Oregon Home from Dust, Bacteria & Viruses

The air quality in your home is a crucial for your everyday comfort. When the air quality lessens, you will notice it, especially if you are sensitive to contaminants in the air and humidity.

To make certain you keep living in comfort and happiness, work with Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical and our heating and cooling professionals in Bend and talk to us about how humidifiers can improve your indoor air quality with ease.

Reasons why people love our HVAC services:

  • We have 30+ years of industry experience
  • We are backed by high praise from past clients
  • We offer 24-hour emergency services
  • Same-day service is also available

You and your family deserve a comfortable living space with the highest possible air quality. We genuinely want to be the team that helps make that happen. Contact us today to learn more about our services that are delivered on-time and at competitive prices.

Humidifiers, Air Filters, Gadgets & More

How can we improve the air quality of your home? The cool thing about the answer is there are multiple avenues to explore. Our Bend air quality specialists would love to discuss your options and figure out exactly what will be the best choice in both cost efficiency and effectiveness.

A few ways we can help improve air quality are:

  • Humidifiers: Probably the most popular way to improve the air quality in your home is adding a humidifier system. This is not just a little device you fill with water and plug in, though. High-grade humidifiers are powerful enough to control the humidity in your entire home, ensuring you never feel stuffy by the air. It will also help protect sensitive electronics that can become defective if exposed to high levels of humidity.
  • Improved filters: Plenty of things are in the air that you do not want to breathe in, from pollen and dust to dirt and germs. Replacing or improving the filters of your heating and air conditioning system can make an immediate and dramatic boost to your home’s air quality. Call (541) 204-2775 to talk to us about setting up a wallet-friendly maintenance plan that ensures your filters never go too long without a replacement or cleaning.
  • New systems: Sometimes an older heating and cooling system is causing the majority of your air quality issues. No matter the new components you put in, an outdated, inefficient system will struggle to give you the air flow you want. Installing a new system could be the best choice.
  • Smart thermostats: Advances in technology have recently brought us “learning thermostats” that take total control of your home’s environment for you. Not only do smart home products reduce energy usage, but they can also better regulate air flow and humidity levels. This translates to an improvement in your air quality.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality – Call (541) 204-2775

Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical is here to help you improve your air quality without breaking the bank or stressing you out. Our Bend indoor air quality technicians deliver customized service just to your liking, whether you decide on a humidifier, filtration system, or another option.

To learn more about your options, or to schedule a service, feel free to send us your information using our online contact form.

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