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Water Line Repairs

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Water Line Repairs near Bend, OR

Water lines run all over your home, carrying both hot and cold water where you need it. In fact, even a small home may contain hundreds or even thousands of feet of various water lines. That means there is plenty of opportunity for a line to experience a problem, and a damaged or broken line could be potentially disastrous. Water damage could ruin your flooring, compromise your foundation, or cause mold and mildew growth. A broken pipe can also damage your electrical system, destroy your possessions, and create the need for an expensive and lengthy restoration project. That’s why it’s important to have your damaged water lines repaired right away.

If you have a broken water line or suspect you have a leaking pipe, make the call to the Bend water line repairs team from Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical! We offer a full range of services for your water lines, including both large and small projects alike. We service all different types of plumbing, including modern materials like copper and plastic, as well as older lines like cast iron and galvanized steel alike. Whatever the size or scope of your project, you can trust that our experienced Bend plumbers will treat it with the utmost respect and attention. We’ve built a strong reputation for excellence and exceptional customer service over the years, and we’re eager to uphold that reputation with every service we provide.

We Fix Water Line Leaks

Water lines can spring a leak virtually anywhere. While leaks are more common at joints (the point where two pieces of a plumbing line meet and are usually sealed with either a weld or glue), leaks can develop anywhere a line has grown weak due to pressure, wear, and a number of other factors. Leaks can be big and unmistakable, but the overwhelming majority are usually so small they’re difficult to detect. At Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, we use modern tools and sophisticated methods to find your leaks with pinpoint accuracy, and then repair them using modern tools and materials.

We can find leaks in all of the following:

  • Hot water lines
  • Cold water lines
  • Plastic pipelines
  • Copper pipelines
  • Cast iron pipelines
  • Galvanized steel pipelines

Got a Blockage? We’ll Get Rid of It

While most people usually associate clogs with drain lines, the truth is your water lines can also become clogged up as well. This is a particularly common problem if you have hard water—a common condition where your water has a high concentration of mineral content. When these minerals accumulate at a certain point, they slowly and progressively build into a blockage that can slow or even stop the flow of water to a certain point in your home. When you have a blocked or partially obscured line, trust Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical to fix it right. We do everything we can to get your water lines moving smoothly again with as little impact to your property as possible.

Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure is a common problem in homes everywhere. While it’s easy to notice when your water pressure is too low, water pressure that is too high is the real killer when it comes to your plumbing system. Too much pressure can ruin seals and gaskets, destroy plumbing fixtures, and even cause damaging leaks in water lines that are difficult to repair. We recommend having your water pressure tested at least once per year, and the team at Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical can take care of this service for you. If you have a water pressure problem, we can implement a solution such as a water pressure regulator. These small devices reduce and stabilize the pressure of the water entering your home, thus reducing the strain on your plumbing system and preventing a number of potential problems.

We’re proud to be Central Oregon’s leading choice for water line repairs! Contact Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical today for service in Bend, Sisters, or nearby areas.

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