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When it comes to smart home technology, Nest is one of the industry-leading innovators and a customer favorite brand name. Nest offers a wide variety of products that make keeping your home safer, more comfortable, and more convenient easier than ever before. For this reason, many people choose to install a number of Nest products all at the same time, enabling them to all work together. This improves quality of life, increases peace of mind, and provides homeowners with a number of additional benefits and abilities as well!

Nest Security Package

The Nest Security Package is a complete home security system that covers you from your front door to your garage to your windows and more! When you leave your home, Nest’s sophisticated home security software will automatically turn on your Nest Cameras for real-time video security, streamed directly to your home. This includes the single most important camera in your home: your Nest Hello doorbell camera. With the addition of smart lightbulbs, you can have your lights automatically shut off when you leave and turn on again when your security cameras sense motion outside.

The Nest Security Package includes:

  • Security Basics
  • Security Plus
  • Secure system with alarm + window/door sensors and key fob
  • Indoor Cam IQ (1) video/facial recognition
  • Outdoor Cam IQ (1) with HD video/facial recognition
  • Hello Doorbell
  • Google Home Mini
  • Door Lock

Nest Safety & Efficiency Package

The Safety & Efficiency Package is designed to help you save money on energy bills while also keeping your home protected and safe from potential hazards like smoke and carbon monoxide. At the center of this package is Nest’s industry-leading learning thermostat. This small, simple device learns how your HVAC system operates and what your climate preferences are using intelligent algorithms. The machine then uses what it learns to adjust itself and keep you comfortable without you ever having to adjust your thermostat again. The package also includes Nest Protect, the most advanced CO2 and smoke alarm available on the market today. When combined, the two keep you protected and can even shut down your Nest-controlled systems in the event of a problem.

The Nest Safety & Efficiency Package includes:

  • Nest Protect
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Google Home Mini
  • Nest Temperature Sensor

Nest Ultimate Package

The Nest Ultimate Package offers you superior home automation along with unmatched awareness and security. Not only will your new Nest equipment take over some of your home’s most important functions, but you’ll gain the ability to observe and control them from the ease of your smartphone. When combined with a Google Home system, you’ll also gain voice control, meaning you can do everything from control your home security to changing the temperature by simply speaking a command.

The Nest Ultimate package includes:

  • Nest Smart Home Ultimate
  • Nest Secure home security software
  • Nest Protect smoke & CO2 detector
  • Nest outdoor & indoor cams with facial recognition
  • Next x Yale Lock
  • Nest Hello video doorbell
  • Google Home

Bring the automation power of Nest products to your home and have them installed by the experts at Ponderosa Heating & Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical! Contact us today.

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