Want to Limit Dust in Your Home? Follow These Tips!
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Want to Limit Dust in Your Home? Follow These Tips!

One detail any homeowner is willing to eliminate in their living space is the presence of dust. Whether it comes in clumps or a light dusting on furniture, it’s a “pest” that not everyone welcomes with open arms. While it’s nearly impossible to banish dust completely, it is possible to cut back on the overall amount. If you’ve just about had it with this “unwelcome guest,” here are some ways to help slow down its arrival.

Opt for Hardwood Flooring

Are you planning on redoing your home anytime soon? If that’s the case, then you might want to reconsider your flooring options. While carpeting comes in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns to fit any room’s aesthetic, it can collect large amounts of dust. Unlike hardwood floors, dust can cling onto each woven fiber, lingering around until you vacuum. Of course, most carpet-based dust isn’t visible to the human eye and can go unnoticed for quite some time.

However, when you opt for wood flooring, not only will it be much easier to clean and take care of, but there won’t be anything for the dust to cling on to; its presence will be much more visible (and simpler to sweep up).

Change Your HVAC Filter

You knew this one was coming! When was the last time you replaced your HVAC filter? For most, they’ll have a lifespan of about one to two months. And, of course, the more frequently you replace your filters, the less dust you’ll find around your home.

As a bonus, you’ll also happen to see an increase in efficiency with your HVAC system, which will help cut back on the total cost of your energy bill! Of course, if you’re looking to upgrade your filter anytime soon and aren’t sure which would be the best fit for your unit, give us a call, and we’d be happy to help!

Leave Shoes at the Door

This might be one of the toughest tips to get used to for some homeowners, but leaving your shoes at the front door will be a huge benefit for your living space! Whether you’re coming home from work or coming in from doing some grocery shopping, tracking your shoes through the house (especially if you have carpeting) will also leave behind some undesired “pests” which form into dust particles.

If you’re set on wearing your shoes throughout the house, then the best thing to do is either leave slippers at the front door or invest in protective shoe coverings, which will help cut back on that debris.

Have Air Ducts Cleaned

Just like your air filter, when was the last time you had your home’s air ducts cleaned? For most, that could have been quite a few years ago. Well, if that’s the case, then you’ll want to schedule an appointment sooner than later. The reason being that, just like an air filter, your air ducts can be caked in dust and debris, which has the chance to travel.

When you schedule a duct cleaning, every square inch of your air ducts will be cleaned to perfection. In a short period of time, you’ll not only have a much more efficient HVAC system, but you’ll also notice that dust will be appearing much less.

Wipe Down Ceiling Fan Blades

One of the dustiest places in your home happens to be the blades on your ceiling fan. Granted, you might not inspect them on a daily basis, but once the fan stops spinning, there’s usually a surplus of dust caked on there.

To help improve your indoor air quality, while cutting back on the distribution of dust, turn the fan off and dust every blade with a damp microfiber cloth. Once complete, take a clean cloth and wipe down any excess residue from the blades. Finally, grab a vacuum cleaner and remove any excess dust that may have fallen onto the floor — and you’ll be good to go!

Are You Looking to go the Extra Mile With Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality?

Check out the multiple indoor air quality solutions that would be perfect in any living space! Before summer arrives, contact Ponderosa Heating & Cooling at (541)-549-1605 to learn more!

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