Ways You’re Hurting Your Indoor Air Quality
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Ways You’re Hurting Your Indoor Air Quality

If someone were to ask you how your indoor air quality was holding up, what would you say? For some homeowners, that could be a very complicated question — because just like germs on the surface of a kitchen countertop, you really can’t see what’s lingering in the air. However, regardless of knowing if your home has poor indoor air quality or not, there are some ordinary everyday “habits” that homeowners get into that can bring that quality down — and we’re here to name a few of the many:

Spraying Chemical Air Fresheners

In your home, do you typically spray an array of air fresheners that promise to make your living room smell like a tropical breeze? While those sprays might emit a pleasant, artificial aroma of pineapple, orange, and lemon, there’s a strong chance that what you’re smelling isn’t an actual blend of fruit juices: it’s a blend of chemicals crafted to smell eerily close to them.

And while it might not seem harmful to spray those air fresheners, in actuality, you’re doing more harm than good. In reality, it has been said that many of those room sprays are manufactured with petroleum — and since there hasn’t been a long-term study on the effects it may have on the human body when sprayed, you may be doing more than just hurting your indoor air quality.

If you’re looking for the safest way to make your home smell fresh, without using chemically produced air fresheners, then it’s best to look into much more natural alternatives — such as essential oils.

Walking Inside With Shoes On

Before you walk through the front door, do you take your shoes off or do you stroll throughout your home with them on? If you opt to do the latter half, then there’s a chance that you’re bringing a majority of the outside in with you — and not the good parts, either. Think about it like this: when you’re walking on a patch of grass, any allergens that are present in the blades will cling to your shoes and trek inside your home with you. They’ll then find their way into your rugs and floors until you clean.

Other pollutants, such as pesticides, pollen, and dander will also cling to the fibers of any rug you have and will linger around much longer than you’d hope for them to. Even if your home has hardwood floors, there’s still a chance that these shoe-bound “pests” will go airborne and spread throughout.

The best way to stop these airborne allergens in their tracks is to make a habit of taking your shoes off at the front door. Now, if you’re not fond of walking through your home without any form of footwear on, then it’s best to invest in some house slippers that you can conveniently slip on after taking your shoes off.

Note: If you do opt for some house-only shoes, make sure that you don’t trek outside in them; they will attract the same allergens just like your everyday shoes!

Cleaning With Store-bought Cleaners

When you scrub down your home, do you opt to use one of those harsh chemical cleaners you picked up at the store? If so, you’re not alone — but you’re also not alone in negatively impacting your indoor air quality. Unfortunately, one of the most common ingredients found in most commercialized cleaners is ammonia; it not only has a strong odor, but it’s also harsh on your lungs. Now think about how it’s lingering inside of your home — and you might not even know it.

Sure, properly ventilating while you clean (i.e., turn the fan on, open the windows) can help, but that can only do so much. To help protect your indoor air quality, it would be best to look for cleaning agents that are on the “greener” side of things. These will still pack the power to clean and sanitize your home, but they won’t emit a strong chemically produced odor and will have little-to-no harsh chemical additives.

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