Fall Prep 101: How to Help Your Home Thrive and Survive The Season
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Fall Prep 101: How to Help Your Home Thrive and Survive The Season

A season that tends to sneak up on a lot of homeowners is autumn! Known to be “pre-winter,” this warm-toned, pumpkin-spiced month is a fan favorite for many — but it’s also the perfect time to get your home into shape before the colder weather fully arrives. If you’re not sure where to start or how to get your home up to par, here are fantastic tips to follow:

Schedule Heating Maintenance

When was the last time you recall scheduling a maintenance appointment for your heating unit? If an answer doesn’t cross your mind instantly, then it’s time to pick up that phone and book one right away with a certified HVAC professional! Heating maintenance is just as essential as going for an annual physical at your doctor’s office; it’s a way for your heater’s “physician” to see how your unit held up last winter and if it’s ready to tackle the cold once more, spotting any potential performance errors ahead of time.

Now, if your certified HVAC technician senses that something is awry with your unit, then they’ll be able to let you know right on the spot — and, of course, will be able to give you repair options, too. But if you were to go without a heating maintenance appointment, and your system has seen much better days, then possible danger could be lurking. So, if you haven’t scheduled your heating maintenance appointment yet, autumn is the perfect time to do so!

Seek Indoor Air Quality Solutions

One of the most critical factors in a home is your indoor air quality (IAQ). While this is generally something that cannot be seen with the human eye, it is a critical “invisible” element that all homeowners should address for their own well-being. Especially when temperatures begin to plummet, there’s a chance that you’ll be spending much more time indoors with the windows shut, rather than being outside in the fall foliage.

That being said, you’ll want to make sure that your air quality is in pristine condition. With an array of “IAQ” solutions to choose from, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of cleaner, crisper indoor air in your home. From humidifiers to newly improved filters, these products will be able to help keep your home’s IAQ intact and leave little room for error; it’s that simple (and wonderful).

Have a Ductless Split System Installed

If a group of homeowners were asked if they had a drafty room in their home, there’s a strong chance that many would say, “yes” to the statement. Sometimes, some rooms aren’t equipped with ductwork or a home may not be structurally eligible for ductwork — which brings on the challenge of having one room that just won’t stay warm (even if it’s insulated). The solution? Introducing a ductless split system into the equation.

This innovative heating (and cooling) device will give a room the comfort of a central HVAC system, but without the ductwork. Ductless split systems are also ideal for unconventional workspaces, such as garages and guest houses. When you have one of these units installed in your living space, you’ll reap the benefits of a comfortable, temperature-controlled room, all while being efficient — there’s nothing better than that!

We Can Help Get Your Home Ready for the Cold Weather Ahead!

Ponderosa Heating & Cooling is here to help! Our team of certified HVAC experts can keep your home warm and cozy all winter long. If you’re looking for the ultimate level of comfort when the temperatures begin to drop, give us a call at (541)-549-1605 and we’ll lend a helping hand!

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