Common Furnace Problems Homeowners Could Run Into
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Common Furnace Problems Homeowners Could Run Into

Common Furnace Problems All Homeowners Should Know

One of the most vital pieces of home comfort technology is the furnace. This machine will help keep your humble abode as warm as can be on the coldest of days and nights. However, there does come a time in every homeowner’s life when their furnace might begin to underperform — turning your once cozy living space into an arctic tundra.

Before you deem that your furnace is broken beyond repair, here are a few of the most common unit-related problems that could happen in your home.

Continuously Cycling

We’ve all been there: You’ve just adjusted your thermostat (to make your home warmer) and are now about to enter the living room to enjoy a movie with your family. About an hour later, your indoor climate has reached the desired temperature you set — but it seems as if your furnace is continuously running — also known as ongoing “cycling.” While many might jump to the conclusion that their furnace is broken, it may not have anything to do with the unit itself — more so the thermostat.

For starters, if this seems to be a recurring issue, there’s a chance that your thermostat was installed in the wrong area of your home. When these temperature-controlling devices are to be installed, they must be away from windows and doors (that lead outside) — since these can make your thermostat read the incorrect temperature.

Another possibility is that if your thermostat relies on batteries, they may need to be replaced. Sure, your temperature-controlling device might seem to be running smoothly, but you should consider swapping out the batteries at least twice a year.

Not Changing the Filter Often

If you forego changing your furnace’s filter often, that can cause you to run into some difficulties down the road. For instance, if the current filter that’s being used is clogged, it will hinder your filter’s performance. To simplify the reason behind this, think of the filter as a straw — when there’s a blockage in the straw’s opening, it will be nearly impossible to pull any air through.

When this is the case, your furnace will go into overdrive and work harder than it has to to keep your home comfortable. As a result, you may experience:

  • Paying higher energy bills

  • Calling to have repairs made to your unit more often

  • Dealing with an uneven distribution of heat in your home

On average, and depending on how often you use your furnace, you should consider replacing your filter about every 90 days (or sooner). This will ensure optimal performance and help decrease your home’s energy consumption — which is always a plus.

Unaware of Broken Parts

When we say that annual furnace maintenance is vital, we genuinely mean it — after all, we want to help your home thrive! Unfortunately, when “tune-up” appointments are put off (or forgotten about altogether), it can lead to a very bumpy road for your furnace.

For starters, there could be a loose or ailing part of your furnace — such as the blower belt — that may need to be replaced (i.e., in this case, you may hear a high-pitch screeching sound when your unit’s current blower belt has seen better days). And, just like a central air conditioner, the quicker a repair is made, the more efficient your unit will run, as well as being much safer.

Professional Furnace Services in Sisters, Oregon

Are you encountering performance issues with your home’s furnace? If so, you’ll need a team of reliable professionals to help take care of it — such as Ponderosa Heating & Cooling! To request service, give our friendly team a call at (541)-549-1605 or visit our website.

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